Surgery department 1

Al-Jarhari Ward 1 is located on the first floor of Ajamah 2, Razavi Hospital. This section includes 7 double booths and 4 single booths and one isolated room. A separate operating room and operating room (specialized for intensive operations) are provided separately, a toilet for the disabled, an examination room, a storage room and a fully equipped water tank for each of these sections. Another unique feature of the surgical section is the presence of a “living room” in these wings. This room allows the patient to accompany the doctors or nurses in the ward in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
This section includes patients who undergo urinary tract surgery, including TURP, TULP, TURBT, varicocele, hernia, or other more complicated surgical procedures, such as nephrectomy, orthopedic surgery, vascular surgery, colon surgery, cosmetic surgery, chest surgery, and other general surgeries including It includes appendectomy and gall bladder resection. .
The rooms are equipped with all amenities including air conditioning, digital TV, refrigerator and high speed internet. HIS, MIS and PTS systems are also available in this section to speed up and facilitate the sending of samples and materials.
The whole family is equipped with an adjustable bedside monitoring system for adults and children. The entire bed also contains a control unit, and each control unit includes: central oxygen, central suction, and a nurse call system.
All patients are monitored under the instructions of the doctor by means of a central monitoring device connected to the nurse wing of the department.
In addition, with the help of the call system at the nursing station, the patient can contact the nurse and vice versa, and he can be called in all rooms, and the date and time of the patient’s connection with the nurse are permanently recorded.

At the time of division, the second wing – the first floor