Neonatal NICU

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) ward is one of the most important and supportive wards in the maternity complex in hospital centers, which creates a safe environment for giving birth to children, especially children at risk, and allows the provision of appropriate services and therapeutic measures. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Razavi Hospital is one of the advanced subspecialty neonatal referral centers in the region, which has the ability to serve all children who need hospitalization in this hospital. Also, in this unit, due to the highly advanced equipment of its size and extensive facilities, the cases referred to other hospitals are accepted. This wing is located on the second floor of the first wing of the hospital, next to the gynecological surgery wards and the maternity building.
Definition of section
NICU has different units:
1- The main unit: In this very powerful unit, complete medical services are provided for newborn babies, and it contains 10 beds with the most complete and advanced medical equipment, including incubators, resuscitation devices, neopuffs, advanced ventilators, and treatment devices. With light, mobile photography and gas measuring devices. (Also, the possibility of conducting portable ultrasound waves and heart rate planning is one of the special features of this section.)
2- The surgery unit: it includes 5 beds, like the main unit, complete with advanced medical equipment and is intended for children under the age of 3 months who need surgery.
3- KMC unit or maternal care: includes two beds with the possibility of monitoring and complete equipment for maternal care of premature infants. Since this method has very useful and valuable effects in the process of treating infants and their growth, this unit is very important and has received a lot of attention.
4- Maternal room: The unique features of the neonatal intensive care unit in this center is the presence of the maternal room, which is located next to the unit with all the amenities (hotel accommodation) for mothers and better access to children and their constant presence in front of me. These rooms are also equipped with a nurse call system.
5- The family meeting room: At the end of the mothers’ hall, the theme of deciding the room for the other family members to meet the mother. Also, due to the presence of CCTV, it is possible for other family members to communicate with the child on video.
6- The other units of the neonatal intensive care unit: the thyroid gland unit, the audiology unit, the neonatal clinic, the eye clinic, the magnetic resonance imaging unit, and the CT scan unit, which complement the services provided to infants.
NICU officials and medical staff
Al-Musharf al-Ali al-Jinah: Dr. Ahmed Shah Farhat, Neonatal specialist, directly in charge of the ward and visits newborns with the medical and nursing staff in the morning tour of the patients.
The executive director of the ward: Dr. Zamani Bur, a pediatrician who has been responsible for the ward since 1984.
The medical staff residing in the neonatal intensive care unit: 9 experienced and experienced pediatricians are present in the ward 24 hours a day and visit the patients. These colleagues cooperate with this unit since the opening of the department (year 2005).
Head nurse: Sayyida Amiri, with 40 years of experience, is the chief nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit at Mashhad Medical University and Razavi Hospital.
Nursing staff: including 27 people (16 nurses and 11 staff) who are experienced in the neonatal intensive care unit and who work under the supervision of an experienced head nurse.