History of Razavi Hospital

Under the shadow of God Almighty and His blessings, Hazrat the Eighth Imam, may his blessings and peace be upon him, and under the guidance of the Supreme Leader and with the support of the late Ayatollah Tabasi, the former Amin of the Razavi Shrine, in order to continue developing the cultural and social services of the state. Astan Quds Razavi and to provide appropriate medical facilities for pilgrims, neighbors and loyal to Hazrat Imam Ali bin Musa Al-Reza, peace be upon him, best regards and peace, Razavi Hospital was opened in 2005 to be the first step towards realizing the great dream of having a unique medical center to serve Muslims
Indoors and outdoors in a modern and exclusive space
The first phase of Razavi Hospital
It was completed
The construction of the first phase of Razavi Hospital on a land of 39 hectares with an infrastructure of about 56,000 in 5 floors, 36 hectares of this area are green spaces. Part of this green space on the west side of the hospital building is a beautiful, well-groomed garden.
This large and unique green space was able to provide a comfortable atmosphere for the patient and his companions, in addition to creating original and eye-catching landscapes.
Razavi Hospital, as a shining jewel in the holy land of Khorasan, provides the most advanced diagnostic and medical services to patients at home and abroad, and with the help of eminent doctors and elite medical researchers at home and abroad, to serve the sick and needy.
Less than 5 years after the opening of Razavi Hospital, the development project of Razavi Hospital was fundamental so that this great medical and scientific center of the country would be more prepared and more vital to help the growth and development of medical knowledge in the country and the world. The simultaneous welcome of the people and eminent doctors to our country as well as the potential in the hospital to expand health tourism in the country on the one hand and the continuous development of medical knowledge and the creation of new technologies in various fields of medicine on the other hand, led to the first steps in development. The hospital has to be expanded and so the construction process of the new hospital building started and it was put into operation in less than 3 years in September 2013.
The second phase of Razavi Hospital
The second phase of Razavi Hospital was built with an area of 37,500 square meters on 4 floors (without looking at the basement). In the design and construction of this building, which was implemented by an Iranian-German team, the latest engineering methods and construction methods were taken into consideration. This building is resistant to fire and earthquakes by more than 8 on the Richter scale.
One of the notable features of the new building is the beautiful, modern lobby. On the roof of this lobby, which is inspired by Islamic architecture, a glass dome is responsible for lighting this floor. The two-faced symmetrical and broken staircases along with this azure dome created a beautiful sight. Access to the hospital’s beautiful restaurant and café, designed for the comfort of the largest number of clients, patients and hospital staff, is easily accessible from this lobby.
Razavi Hospital, due to its short period of activity, was able to win the First Division title first and then, for the second year in a row, the First Division title last year. Winning the National Quality Award is another honor for the hospital. Meanwhile, its various departments are checked by many regulatory organization inspectors to ensure that their foreign and Iranian patients are familiar with the latest standards and protocols in treating patients. In this regard, the hospital succeeded in achieving ACI Platinum certification in its first attempt in 2013, and in 2015 it also succeeded in obtaining ACI Diamond certification. Realizing this importance, Razavi Hospital is the first general hospital of the country to be awarded this valid certificate.
Razavi Hospital has tried to use the latest treatment methods for its patients by employing the best and most experienced medical staff from all over the country and the world. In this regard, in order to improve the level of medical knowledge in Razavi Hospital by the end of 2015, more than 153 international and national congresses and conferences and workshops were held, the most important of which is the International Congress of Cardiology. The surgery, which has been taking place since 2008 annually. Annual International Conference on Health Tourism in Islamic Countries, International Conference on Road Accidents, International Conference on Epilepsy, International Conference on Cancers of the Gastrointestinal Tract, International Symposium on Neurosurgery, International Conference on Stroke, International Conference on Neurocutaneous Diseases, International Conference on Proctology, International Anxiety in Congress , International Conference on Echocardiography, International Conference on Professional Communication in Hospital Centers, among other conferences held at the hospital.
At these conferences, the best and greatest scientists in various fields of medicine discuss their latest achievements. According to foreign guests at these conferences, many of whom traveled to our country for the first time, Razavi Hospital has created a good opportunity for researchers and scientists and will undoubtedly be an important center of scientific production in the Middle East in the future.
It is certain that the various services that Razavi Hospital can provide, as well as its unique facilities and capabilities, will help the hospital achieve its goals that are nothing but serving and raising the scientific level of the medical community.