Department of Radiotherapy - Oncology

The radio-oncology ward of Razavi Hospital has the latest and most modern radiotherapy equipment in the development plan, which is not available in any of the radiotherapy centers in the Islamic Republic.

Due to the investment of neighboring countries in medical tourism, this hospital also decided to establish a department for radiotherapy and oncology, and it has been well equipped within its development plan, thus filling a large percentage of non-Iranian patients and becoming a pioneer in this regard. For this reason, this department, taking into account equipment such as advanced Artiste accelerators and large CT machine with its high precision, has the capacity to perform new radiotherapy techniques such as IMRT, IGRT, SRS, SRT, etc., which are performed in only a few devices in neighboring countries.

The presence of two Siemens radiotherapy machines in this ward will allow regular treatment of patients without delay. These devices’ sophisticated MLC system, comprising one hundred and sixty papers, has the great ability to accurately locate and separate cancerous tumors from adjacent healthy organs, imposing, in strict consistency with treatment, the highest dose of radiation on the tumor and the lowest dose on the surrounding healthy tissue. With the EPID imaging system in these accelerators, accurate verification of treatment plans is possible.

The advanced CT-Simulator in this department, with high accuracy, helps to design a more accurate treatment of cancerous tumors and provides the possibility of better preparation of the patient during radiotherapy. Despite the advanced treatment design program in this department, an adequate electronic connection has been established between the imaging system and the treatment system and will create optimal conditions for the implementation of the best 3D and even 4D treatment design.
This ward is also equipped with 14 chemotherapy beds and is able to carry out the necessary complementary therapies for the patients.

In the near future, due to the installation of the Saji Nova brachytherapy machine with cobalt source from the German company Bebig, it will be possible to do HDR Brachy Therapy in the radiotherapy department.

Brachytherapy is a proximity radiotherapy treatment that can be combined with outpatient treatment (radiotherapy) and is also used in some cases as the only treatment for cancer.
There are two ways of working, intra-cavity in which the radioactive reactor is placed in the body’s pit (vacuum), and intracavity in or near the tumor. In this method of treatment with more focus on the tumor tissue, the more targeted tissue is reached, the more healthy tissue around the tumor is preserved.
Patient treatment design using CT, MRI and ultrasound imaging methods is performed using Saji Plan 3D treatment design software.

Brachytherapy is used to treat prostate, head and neck, skin, esophagus, breast, gallbladder, uterus, vagina, lung, outlet and eye cancer…

Location: Second Wing – Ground Floor
Phone number: 00985136002575