Department of cardiac surgery

The theme of the opening of the cardiac surgery department in al-Razavi hospital in 2005 in cooperation with Ahm al-Jarrahin. This includes 19 clinical sections with equipment and monitoring devices for patients before and after open heart surgery.
After the initial evaluation before the specialists in the heart disease department, the patients are referred to the heart surgery department if they need surgery, and they are visited by qualified surgeons. If there is a need for surgery, the patient will be admitted to this ward and will be examined by the doctors residing in the ward. After performing the necessary procedures (our pre-surgery tests, CXR, cardiac sonar, etc.), the patient is prepared for surgery the next day. The patient is transferred to the intensive care unit after the surgery and is placed in the intensive care unit for 48 hours and the height changes during this time according to the discretion of the surgeon. After the patient’s condition is controlled and stabilized, the patient is transferred to the cardiac surgery department, and during this time, he is under care and observation for approximately five days, if the recovery process is normal. And this is done according to the instructions of surgeons and intensive care doctors. The patient is discharged on the fifth day, after receiving the necessary instructions after surgery.
During this period, the patient is subjected to respiratory physical therapy, and receives nutritional and other consultations.
Conducting psychological and medical consultations for all patients before surgery.
Among the patients in this department, there are patients with rare and high-risk heart problems from different cities and countries, as well as patients with Marfan syndrome who are hostile to their homeland after surgery performed by experienced surgeons.

Do not mention these surgical operations:

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting
Valvular surgery
Congenital Heart Surgery
PA Banding
Interposition of Pace Maker
VideoAssisted PDA Closure
Congenital Heart Surgery

This department has also carried out various research activities, some of which are as follows:
This section also conducts various discussion activities, including the following:
Cooperation in the Scientific Department of the International Conference on Cardiovascular Surgery
Numbers and editing of educational videos for patients.
Determining guidance and educational albustrat.
Cooperating with the research committee of the hospital to organize and review research projects and all matters related to research
Translation of necessary educational documents for patients and their awareness
Presenting different discussion proposals in the field of heart surgery
Follow-up of patients’ complications after surgery
Translation of various articles and books is required
Preparation of awareness booklets to guide patients before and after surgery
Assisting in the preparation of various articles for respected surgeons to present in relevant conferences.
Cooperation with research projects outside the center in the field of statistics and sample preparation.
Aortic artery surgery is also performed in the cardiac surgery wing of Razavi Hospital. These patients often die due to the rupture of the aorta at an early age. Aljad treatment at the right time and early for these patients prevents their early death.
The team of active doctors in this center includes cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, dentists, psychiatrists, and other specialists.
In order to create suitable opportunities to present the latest experiences and achievements in the field of surgery, the International Cardiovascular Conference is held in Razavi Hospital. The scientific director of this conference, which is held in cooperation with the Cardiovascular Group, is Dr. Shabstari. This conference has a very high level compared to the international standards and it welcomes the whole group of the most prominent Iranian and foreign surgeons from all over the world. After the conference, many surgeries are performed by world-renowned surgeons in the hospital.

The Cardiac Surgery Wing in Razavi Hospital has the latest facilities, medical equipment and social care and has high standards in terms of observing health principles. Also, the employees of this department receive regular training in various medical and scientific fields so that they are always up-to-date with daily and international medical information and always enjoy a high level of competence. The education of patients in this ward should also be followed seriously.