CSSD section

Undoubtedly, disinfection and sterilization of hospital tools and equipment are the most important ways to prevent the spread of hospital infections.
CSSD (Central Supply Sterilization Department) is a place that is determined based on the number of families and the dimensions of the hospital, and my purpose is to concentrate the responsibility of the sterilization process in a place with the appropriate equipment and personnel for this process, and this causes a reduction in the burden of work and the burden on the nurses in the sterilization wards. Also, the cost of purchasing sterilization equipment and devices should be done by trained and experienced people. The importance of this unit lies in the fact that without it, it is not possible to perform any surgery, skin repair, diagnosis, dressing, etc. The mission of this wing is to provide a wide range of sterilized and sterilized items for clinical wards and wards.

The important principles of the CSSD unit are to ensure the complete quality of sterilization and disinfection operations. Based on the above mentioned principles and situations, the CSSD section uses the most methods and devices first, so that it is not available in any other center in Mashhad and nearby cities.
The construction system of the CSSD department complies with the standard principles and includes three separate parts.
The construction system of the CSSD section is in accordance with the principles of the international standard and consists of three separate parts:
1. The contaminated part
2. The clean part
3. Sterilization component.
In general, the contaminated equipment is washed and disinfected after delivery, then the packaging process is completed, then the equipment is sterilized and delivered to the specialized department.
In this unit, non-sterile equipment is collected from other categories through the collection room of non-sterile equipment. The equipment of the central operating room and angiography and the gynecological operating room are delivered through a non-sterile elevator. After placing the laundry baskets, using different washing programs and methods, and using my type of acidic materials and my type of basic materials, the washing equipment is dried, disinfected, and then dried. After washing the device, it must be removed through the clean part or cover. After confirming the washing process, the groups are filled by colleagues and ready for sterilization.
Other equipment such as bandages and surgical accessories are also packed in this area and ready for sterilization. Sterilization of fine and single elements in transparent containers.
In this part, the device is placed in the autoclave and according to the special program for the device, sterilization is performed based on the type of sterilization method. After performing this step, the sterile equipment is removed from the device by the workers and placed on the shelves provided for it in this area. I have sterile equipment in the sterile equipment delivery room. Delivery to the central operating room, delivery room, and angiography through a sterile elevator.
Let’s not mention the sterilization equipment in this center: Al-Bukhari autoclave, Plasma autoclave, Formaldehyde autoclave, Ethylene oxide autoclave (these are the unique devices in Mashhad city).