Chemotherapy department

Outpatient chemotherapy for outpatient chemotherapy without hospitalization, bone marrow aspiration, intrathecal injection, transfusion, and blood transfusion.
This section is rectangular in shape on the ground floor in two stages and includes a waiting room and two sections for men and women with two separate entrance doors, a computer system and a central screen.
The suite contains twelve beds (6 beds for men and 6 beds for women.) It is equipped with a remote control and is adjustable and has a central screen and a console that includes central oxygen, central suction, headlights and a nurse call system.
This system is able to establish two-way communication between the nurse and the patient and the possibility of calling and recording the date and time of the patient’s contact with the nurse.
An ECG monitor, portable digital thermometer for suction, infusion pump, syringe pump, and blood pump are available with a warmer examination light for more accurate nursing procedures.
A dirty room and a wringer clean room are installed in the prepared house at the end of the waiting room, and the equipped house is installed at the end of the waiting hall.