Cardiovascular ICU (CSICU)

The CSICU section is located in the wing of the first floor and contains 18 beds. The theme of the opening of this section officially since March 24, 2006. This family of 18 beds includes 11 beds for adults and 5 beds for children and two beds in a separate pavilion.
Cardiovascular intensive care unit has the following special features:
● Folker bed divided into three parts (triple electric bed).
● INVIVO model control system
● Drager fans
● Al-Shaft al-Zabbi, JMS al-Haqan pumps, al-Haqan pumps, Madfe Al-Dam
● All intensive care beds have a central screen.
● An electrocardiogram device with the ability to perform TTE and TEE
● Intra-abdominal pump balloon device
● Dedicated portable x-ray device
● ABG device or ABG gas meter in the wing
● Equipped with PTS system
● The possibility of dialysis in the intensive care unit through dialysis and CRRT in critical cases
● The existence of an emergency cart for each bed with full equipment and electric shock device
● Blood bank refrigerator and the possibility of storing patients’ blood in the wing
● Ben-Marie machine for melting FFP in bulk
He enjoys taking care of the children as well as the facilities enjoyed by the adults. The VIP pavilion has the same facilities as an intensive care unit, but without ventilation.
Patients are transferred to the cardiac surgery department after about 48 hours if they are in stable condition. Therefore, the number of patients in the ward varies according to the number of operations and placement of patients and the absence of critically ill patients.
In every shift, the resident anesthetist is responsible for treatment in this ward.
At the ward of the hospital – the first floor